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    originally released as a limited hand assembled cassette,
    comprised of recordings made 2009-2010. still have a few tapes left, inquire if interested, otherwise, enjoy the dl.
    by Bryce Hample
    Cover art by
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    May 2010

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released May 1, 2010

feat. friends matthew wolf-cecil on mind poem, hannah fraser on shadows.



all rights reserved


REIGHNBEAU Albuquerque, New Mexico

REIGHNBEAU is sounds made by Bryce Hample and Lovely Friends.

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Track Name: restless
you were so restless i borrowed my hands from you
you were so restless i took away your hands from you
bury me alongside the vibraphones enveloping my head
simplicty takes me away from the scars of fear
this horrible limpness just give up
you don't want to be numb
i dont want to be numb
you were so restless i borrowed my hands from you
you were so restless i took away your hands from you

you were a dream come true
you never were a dream come true
you were my dream come true
you never were my dream true
Track Name: shadows
shadows ornately cast, spinning through, causing whispers
essence of holist basil, carry you home
timid voices, shining though, slightly scared

you can hear my breath is warm.

locked in the understairs,
sweeping the floor with my tongue
anthills in the cavities, a moment imposed,
yet i want it here.
under your creature comforts and your indecision.

you can hear my breath is warm.
Track Name: water
you were a fool of younger years
i was a boy with rabbit ears
spiraling away, falling between fingers
minute glances, averted eyes
cut through the thickest hide.
rhinocerous tongues licking me
anxious beaks fight the pecking order.

i was a fool of younger years
you were a boy with rabbit ears
Track Name: mind poem
did I seem to be present
because i am not here.
when i put on my hat,
i hear other voices.
could i really eat this ruddy sparrow,
maybe whole, it could fly in my stomach.
now i am free, free of those arms,
we took a slow dive down,
it weighs heavy on my ears.
i see me in him,
familiar and clumsy
i'll never take off my clothes.
Track Name: ALONE HERE
swans in my teeth
geese in your hair
pecking for the eyes

i'll snap their necks
the only sorrow is love

my only skin is leaves
and they are falling

sun in our hearts
the stars are falling

wind in his hair
when your eyes are down
Track Name: separatist longings
separatist longings found a home in you
my molting hands will make us clean
stripes of thunder they will slap you down
wax and wane within whose sheets

we'll bond in fire as brothers do
whose clawed out eyes sitting in my cup
and i see you

curiosity of the sparks blind me
feathers of the birds that i swallow whole
are in my teeth

glacial, as i lumber home to the feast
Track Name: RIBS
lone wishes cover protruding ribs exposed
yours in no question of his preference gave way
to the lion tide
several onlooking judges will determine your worthiness in time
Track Name: brooklyn
there is movement in you,
tell me where did you sleep last night
moss covered me as it flows past
every bite sweet as honey
half man machine
steaming from the mouth,
from the ears and eyes
I don't believe you
yet i will, and love your shoes.

hope to float as we walk wide eyed
chewing on your dreams
gnaw at my heels,
i know my pulse will slow
i can see you chewing on your dreams.